Schools safe after lockdown across Shepparton

By Shepparton News


Gowrie Street Primary School has been declared safe after being in lockdown for the second time today.


It is understood Gowrie Street Primary School is in lockdown once again.

The News understands the school received a call this afternoon stating there was a black van with knives and guns traveling around Shepparton targeting schools in the area.

The News believes it could be a hoax however the school is being asked to treat the threats seriously.


Several schools across Shepparton were involved in a bomb scare this morning. 

McGuire College principal John Sciacca confirmed the school received a call about a bomb threat at about 9.20am today. 

"We followed our evacuation plan to ensure the children's safety and the police came through," he said. 

"The school community was notified of the incident."

Mr Sciacca said police confirmed there was no threat at the school and all returned to normal at about 10.10am. 

Guthrie Street primary School went into lock down shortly after 10am today after receiving a precautionary message from the department.

Leading teacher Lisa Day said she believed a secondary school in the area received a threat and to ensure safety other schools were told go into lockdown.

Ms Day said the school received a phone call from the department at around 10.20am confirming schools were safe and could resume as normal.

Shepparton High School, Wanganui Park Secondary College and Gowrie St Primary School  also confirmed they had been in lockdown earlier this morning.